Trip to Poznan

Seven young foilists from Bath Sword Club, along with five from Excalibur in Bristol made the trip over to Poznan in west central Poland for the 2013 European Fencing Festival, held in memory of Polish master, Jan Nowak. The group were accompanied by coaches Tim Miles and Glen Golding and chaperoned by Amanda Granville.

The event was held over two days with the girls competing on Saturday in U13 & U15, and the boys on Sunday in U15. As expected, the standard of fencing was high but not beyond anyone’s capabilities. All had a great time fencing and taking in the sights of Poznan.

Rhiannon Granville made the L16 in the U15 and Bronwen Granville L32 in the U13.

SW Foilists in Poznan

SW Foilists in Poznan