WHAT: a new intermediate level 6 weapon national competition.
For more details:

FORMAT: The intended format is 3 rounds in which everybody competes. The first round based on the national ranking, the second round seeded on the results of the first and the results of which, fix your position within groups of 6 or 7. The final round decides your exact position within that 6 or 7.

WHEN & WHERE: 23 June 2018. Nottingham

COST: £27.00

SELECTION : via the region.
2 fencers per weapon.
Only one event per fencer.
Selection as per region stated on British Fencing membership.

The regional committee sought and has been given permission to use our regional ranking list for selection. We requested this for 2 reasons: The competition was officially announced after our regional championships in October 2017. We feel it is a fairer system than a one day competition which some people may not be able to attend so would be excluded.

Thus, in the South West we will be using the MARCH 2018 REGIONAL RANKING LIST. Places will be offered to the top two (2) ELIGIBLE fencers in each of the weapons, moving down the list if they are not available.


To be eligible to compete in the GB Cup fencers must:
1 Be aged 16 or over on 1 January 2018.
2 Must be a UK resident.
3. National Senior ranking : You must be outside these rankings on 1 January 2018
TOP 50 for Women’s Epee, Women’s Sabre, Women’s Foil and Men’s sabre:
TOP 80 for Men’s Foil, Men’s epee
4. Have never won a Senior Event.
5. If you have fenced in the Home Nations or Individual Commonwealths WITHOUT selection.

Fencers are NOT eligible for selection if
1. they have been selected to represent their Nation at any level. This includes GB (Cadet, Junior, Senior, Veteran), home nations, commonwealths, Veterans World/European Championships or other national equivalents.
2. They have won a Senior Open

The region is required to provide ONE referee in any weapon. Those interested in attending as a referee should email: