Regional Competitions

Winton Cup

The Winton Cup series of team competitions (Veteran, Senior and Cadet) was founded by Sir Nicholas Winton and his brother, Robert, in 1950. Sir Nicholas represented England in 1938 and was selected for the 1940 Olympics, which were of course, cancelled. For many years Sir Nicholas kept quiet that he was responsible for saving the lives of 669 Czechoslovakian children by running trains to the coast and re-homing them in the UK and Sweden. He died in 2015 aged 106.
These fiercely contested inter – regional team competitions are run in his honour.

Selection is made by the team captain and follows certain criteria. Fencers must be resident or fence in the South West.

The current team captain is Daniel Wide. Please feel free to contact him via email.

South West team at the 2017 Senior Winton